Pre Camp

What sounds interesting about this project?

I found this particular project interesting as we would have a chance to extract caffeine, as well as extract and identify artificial colouring. I am curious about how a poisonous alkaloid (caffeine) is found in everyday beverages such as coffee and tea. I came across similar methods and techniques to extract artificial colouring in secondary one (paper chromatography) and would like to learn the different way of doing it in NTU.

What do you think you can learn from this project?

I think I will learn the different techniques of extracting caffeine and wether caffeine is a harmful or beneficial alkaloid, why it is essential for people to extract and analyse artificial food colourings.

Questions regarding the project
  • Is caffeine harmful or beneficial?
  • Is caffeine considered a drug?
  • Which technique is the most efficient and reliable out of the 4?
  • Caffeine is poisonous but why isn't coffee and tea safe to consume?
  • Why must you extract artificial food colouring?

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